TWT-Trust Wallet

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TWT-Trust Wallet-实时行情走势图

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TWT-Trust Wallet-历史价格走势图

TWT-Trust Wallet-[zh_CN]

Trust Wallet是一个数字货币钱包,允许用户购买、存储、交易和赚取数字货币。TWT是Trust Wallet的原生代币,存在BEP-2和BEP-20两种代币标准。
Trust Wallet目前支持40个区块链协议和16万多种数字资产。它还支持在Cosmos,Tezos,Kava和其他区块链协议上的抵押。此外,Trust Wallet提供了一种简便的方法,可以在一个地方存储和访问所有数字收藏品。


TWT-Trust Wallet Token-[en_US]

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) 511 is a utility token that can only be used within the app. This will be used to incentivize all Trust Wallet users. What are the Incentives of (TWT)? Governance token that will be used by anyone who wants to take part in making decisions for adding new blockchain support, tokens and product features. Will also be collected as fees for submissions to the Trust Wallet repository 59. Discounts on DEX services and purchasing crypto within the app. Collectible Marketplace, anyone interested in trading, selling or buying digital collectibles can utilize the token in a user-friendly environment. DApp reviews and promotions to incentivize developers to work on DApps that contribute to further adoption of Web 3.0 on mobile devices. Affiliate and bounty rewards, the token can be converted to BNB or ETH, that can be used for Network Fees. Vouching and User reputation, users will be able to vouch for developers of products they enjoy to show the quality of the product to the rest of the Trust Ecosystem.

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